Another Quickie

So busy again today, apparently we are hitting crunch time where all of the various brands we work for *find* extra money and decide to spend it all before year end so as to retain reason (no matter how ridiculous and false) for their inflated budgets to carry into quarter 1 of the following year.


To: The 37 females I’ve seen so far today, in various wings of my office building, wearing skirts and knee-high black boots
Notice: Thank you
From: Doomilias S. Rogue

Second, watch this video. It may not be all that amazing to someone who doesn’t play the drums. But I do. And it makes me want to throw away my sticks and sell my kit. The video is unimpressive at first, but hang around until the end when the guy maintains a flawless beat while juggling three drumsticks…


7 Responses to Another Quickie

  1. Zeb says:

    Quite amazing really. Friend of mine is a drummer and Ill have to send this to him.Thx.

  2. Pawan says:

    I was thoroughly entertained by this video. Thanks for posting it. This is how good musicians collaborate and come up with good music. The juggle at the end was pretty neat 🙂

    Offtopic: Have you tried mace/hemo on ptr yet?

    Dankh 70 UD Rogue – Blackrock

  3. TJ says:

    The S stands for Sneakyfucker.

  4. Jason says:

    holy bajeebus undiscovered rockstar…

    it always amuses me that the most amazing music abilities don’t come from the neil pearts, the joey jordisons, and the danny careys of the world…

    they come from the the guys that nobody knows about who are just relaxing at home tinkering around….


  5. 7eventy5ive says:

    Awesome video – we’ve had our whole office watching it, and the juggling at the end is immense

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  7. Zantanna says:

    Awesome vid – I love how people can just throw down like that and be funky with it.

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