4/5 Netherblade

Before I write my post containing all of my wild thoughts on this latest patch, a bit of news on the 25-man front for our guild. Last night was our first one-shot of Gruul’s lair, with HKM going down in under 4 minutes and Gruul himself falling dead in just over 6. The best part? Only one person died during HKM (the mage tank), and only one died during Gruul (the other rogue took a hateful by accident…). Well, wait, that wasn’t even the best part. I got my T4 pants! GG Blizz for not updating armory yet, or I’d have a screenshot (because I forgot to take one after logging last night). Well, Ok. Fine. The bestbestbest part of last night? Our raid dps was fantastic. 4 people at or over 800, 10 between 550-700. Yours truly? I settled into a groove early, and managed the ground slams and cave-ins (definately helps when your tank understands the importance of moving Gruul out of melee range cave-ins) better than I have before.


A completely different story for the HKM fight, where I only came in at 13th overall. Why? The mechanics of the fight. I assign myself to spam shiv to keep up applications of wound poison on Blindeye, as well as do my best to keep him stunned and saving energy to kick-interrupt his heals. Aside from that, the whole encounter does not lend itself to consistent melee attacks, what with all of the running around and running away. Anyway, here is an example of just how much the specifics of a boss fight can affect your dps.


Since we did so well in Gruul’s, our raid leader decided to preempt our scheduled Wednesday night raid for Magtheridon’s Lair and go take a sneak peak! After about 20 minutes of clearing (wewt for being able to use mind-numbing in raids again!), we spent another 30 minutes going over strategies, since none of us had ever been there before. I was assigned to control the shadowbolts on the fourth warlock, along with our best geared ferlol tank. We did a fantastic job, and would have killed him all by ourselves had we another interrupt for the damn heals. As for the success of the raid? C’mon. We were just happy to be there, but we managed to get 3/5 locks down with moderate efficiency. Good to get a look and experience the first wipe before we go in for real tomorrow.

Leaving Maggy’s, our GM noticed that the Horde had taken the southern most tower of the Hellfire Peninsula PvP objectives. He flew over to take a look and, with glee, shouted over vent, “There are 6 flagged Horde over here! Everyone! Now! Kill!” I got there second, saw a 58 Blood Elf hunter, and just couldn’t wait for the other 23 people arrive. Gankfest ensued.

Good times with good people.


10 Responses to 4/5 Netherblade

  1. Dick says:

    Good work! Mag is a joke. Once you get the adds down its a matter of just doing cube clicks. Most guilds like to go in with atleast 4 locks for banish/fears on the infernals that drop, but that is not necessary either. Maybe until yall learn the encounter, but can easily be done with 2 locks and 1 hunter. We also use a druid to MT Mag. Oh and our raid leader got a nifty addon that helps assign cube click teams, and notifies the teams with symbols and raid warnings to remind the teams to be ready to click the cubes. Yall might want to look into that if yall havent already. Good Luck

  2. Valenna says:

    Grats on the one-shot!

    However, on Blindeye, you might consider using Mind-numbing rather than Wound Poison as he is immune to the effect of Wound Poison. Mind-numbing seems to affect him really well and slows his casting significantly, makeing kicking a lot easier.

  3. doomilias says:

    @val, are you sure he is immune to the effect? i would think if he was immune to the healing reduction he would also be immune to the poison itself. we do have another rogue that uses mind-numbing.

    @dick, whats the name of the add-on? it soudns perfect!

  4. Wobin says:

    I agree with the mind numbing, it -does- apply to him and makes his healing a joke. You might want to check his debuffs to see if wound poison is being applied, I’ve never tried with WP, since he never gets off a heal with his casting time extended and everyone interrupting him.

  5. klaki says:



    PS – Welcome to WordPress

  6. Kelmar says:

    Grats on the Raids bro!

    Now for some sniping…

    oooo look… the epic’d raid guild on the PVE server decided to go PvP slumming against a 58 Hunter!?!!

    Have you thought about playing on a real server yet?! Say… Dark Iron?

    Then joo can talk PvP

  7. Elistana says:

    Thanks for dropping by. I’ll also add you to my links. As for ZG, I’ll have to sit by and listen to everyone elses take on it since I’m personally not into raiding, but from what I hear so far, it’s pretty intense! GL with that 🙂

  8. Elistana says:

    BTW I meant to say ZA not ZG LOL

  9. Ratoon says:

    In most raids we bring 3 rogues and I’m mace spec, before he even thinks about healing he has been hit by at least one mace stun, after that the 3 rogues just alternate on ks.
    I no longer bother with mind numb or wound.
    MH: WF + OH: DP works great if you have enough dps.

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