Puss n Bewts

Girls. Please. I understand it is that time of year. I JUST sent out a memo last week thanking you for making my day. But now it’s getting out of control. Do any of you understand the distraction of this bare-lower-thigh-knee-upper-calf-surrounded-by-leather-and-easy-access-clothing-ness? Ok, um. I’m going to assume that if you don’t have a dog, you at least can understand this illustration:

Growing up, I had a dog named Saber. He was a springer spaniel. Great dog. One of my dad’s favorite tricks was to have him sit, completely still, with a dog treat on his nose. He would stand there, finger in the air saying, “Sabeeeerrrr. Noooooooo.” over and over again. And Saber would sit there. Sometimes his legs would twitch. After a minute or so his eyes would grow teeth and I swear they’d try jumping out of their sockets to go eat the damn treat themselves. And then my dad would lower his finger and abruptly say, “GO!”, at which point Saber would, in one motion, tilt his head and inhale that treat before it had a chance to move.

The only difference between this boots-n-skirts thing and the dog treat? Well, if my brain ever stopped saying, “Doomiliaaaaaaaas. Nooooooooooo.”…I would go to jail.

Something concerns me, though. I know this happens for men, mostly because I think I am one (some would debate). But can the adverse happen for women? Are there certain outfits/attire/etc., etc., that men can wear that have a similar effect?

Then again, maybe I just need to be neutered.


7 Responses to Puss n Bewts

  1. TJ says:

    Aside from the obvious example of a guy you don’t normally see too dressed up in a nice suit or tux, there are two others I can think of off the top of my head.

    1. Jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Not like, a $75 are-you-retarded-for-buying-that white t-shirt, but a plain white undershirt.

    2. Jeans (again, what can I say, I’m a simple girl) and one of those raglan shirts, you know, the baseball style ones.


  2. Lalecize says:

    Have you ever stood in an elevator, and had a georgous chick walk in next to you.

    As you head up the floors you just prey it will break down for hours…

    I mean what else would there be to do in the elevator?

    Doom methinks ur a little too frisky! Pour some water on yourself bud!

    TSSSSKKKKK *steam*

  3. Snip snip! 😉

    Nah seriously, us women react in the same way sometimes. You just have to figure out what each individual girl has a thing for, clothing wise, and dress up some decent specimens of the male race accordingly to parade infront of her. I think the only difference is that we’re a bit more varied in what we prefer the men to be dressed in?

    (Personally I have a thing for the rockstar getup – tight leather pants and rugged looks baby! Rawr!)

  4. loni2shoes says:

    I LOVE this time of year, specifically because you can wear the knee high boots + skirt outfits, but I never really thought about the “easy access” angle. ^_^

    And yeah … guys in suits and ESPECIALLY tuxedos are quite irresistible. I love when my husband is asked to be in people’s weddings for just that reason. I think there’s a reason that the main characters in Wedding Crashers were so successful. It’s not only because the women present were emotional from the wedding, but the two guys (Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn) were dressed so deliciously.

  5. doomilias says:

    hmm, so girls really DO like the dressed up look. wtf i hate it. so uncomfortable. but i used to have to wear shirt/tie/slacks to work (proof in the pic).

    @loni, there are multiple angles to be had by achieving “easy access” status…

  6. Kat says:

    The white T-shirt and jeans is a classic look. I think it has something to do with blue collared jobs, think 1950, that said “I have Mad skillz with my hands.” And you just want to find out if it is true!

    The well tailored suit! /cuddle
    Walking from car to work I saw the Director of WebDev standing outside reading a paper. You can tell a well tailored suit when you see one and it didn’t hurt that he was Greek too. It was a GQ moment. I stopped in my tracks and stared.

    All I could think was “I pull all nighters with this guy. And Dam is he hot!”

    Then he turned and smiled at me. If I was prone to fainting…

  7. Viet says:

    My gf tells me that she loves the jeans and plain white tee as well. Even better, she says replace the T with a beater and you are *gtg*!

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