Mystery Me?!

doomno.jpgWho is this?! He did not exist before blizz allowed name changes, because whenever I did an armory search for Doomilias, just my toon was found in the results. Someone is…being sneaky.

Anyway, lots of stuff to talk about today…and I don’t know if I can fit it all into one post.

I’ll start with our second venture into Zul’Aman, which took place last night. The first try wasn’t much of a success, progression-wise, but we did learn a valuable lesson. Bring 3 healers. That is, if you are still working on progression through Gruul and Maggy, damage mitigation/avoidance won’t be enough for 2 healers to handle. On bosses, that is. There is a pretty large gap between the difficulty of trash to boss fights. Both of our tanks were controlling multiple elite mobs at once, without really much of a problem. Even to the extent that our healers decided to give their newfound spell damage (from the changes in 2.3) a try.

Anyway, last night we were able to get both the bear boss (1 attempt) and the lynx boss (5 attempts) down. They are mana-intensive fights, especially from a healers perspective. Tanks take heavy spike damage, and on the lynx boss, the raid takes a fair amount of damage from the his aoe between phases, totems (unless the raid is good with killing them fast), and flameshock dots. I really love this place. The environment is so pleasant, and the music is just awesome. Oh, and also…no mobs or bosses (so far) are immune to bleeds and poisons, and most of the trash can be stunned. This makes the combat mutilate absolutely shine.

Which I am no longer. For now. It’s been so long since rogue’s have anything new to try (closing in on a year since TBC, which was the last time anything new came out or was significantly changed). I have been determined to try a hybrid hemo build, but I completely lacked the weapons for it. Daggers are laughable for anything but backstab and mutilate. Last night…I got this.


Admittedly, fist weapon specialization isn’t all that ideal. Swords would be best, and I actually really like the mace spec change (5/5 = 5% increased critical damage with maces and 6% chance to stun for 3 seconds). I am purely in experimental phase with this, and currently using Malch as my offhand is really not a great idea, either. Knowing that I eventually wanted to try this build, I started a 3v3 team this weekend, with a frost mage and an elemental shaman. The intention was to get the season 2 maces (since I have no confidence my ability to reach and maintain the personal rating for s3 weapons), but for now I will focus on the offhand fist weapon.

We went 6-4 yesterday afternoon, with our losses coming early. It took a few fights to understand my role with two casters, which turned out to be more support than dps. The shaman does incredible amounts of burst damage, more than I could ever hope to. My job was to protect him from warriors/rogues/druids, while he focus fired along with the frost mage, who was also our main source of CC. I am still a noob at this. I made many mistakes, hit the wrong buttons, and generally folded under the pressure. But I am learning fast. I noticed that warriors/rogues/druids went directly for the shaman, since he can do the most damage as well as heal. Rogues and druids are no problem for me. I just wait for them to attack, then proceed with my normal gankage. It’s really a non-issue. Warriors, though, are something else. I have yet to master the kiting of warriors, especially arms spec, as they just beat the hell out of me. But one of the changes about rogues that I think has gone widely unnoticed is that of blind. It’s no longer a poison. Which means it cannot be dispelled, cleansed, depoisoned, etc. Now being a physical attack, blind can only be removed by a trinket. So, 10 seconds of doing nothing means that we can really focus fire. If the warrior trinkets out of blind, well, then he’s gotta deal with being sheeped. Anyway, it’s fun. And I’m learning.

Well, here it is. This is my current spec. I wish I had time to break it down in as much detail as I would like, but I just don’t have the time today. I would love comments, though, on alterations, mistakes I’ve made, suggestions for improvement, or any arguments otheriwse regarding. I know I need more hit rating, but I can currently boost that by 50 with a trinket and food buff. I’ll also get more once I’m able to purchase the boots for 60 badges, as well as start working on aqcuiring some more +8 hit gems.

First impressions? Well, I like it. Alot. Except…um, er. When I tried it out doing the heroic daily last night. Um. Our pally said, “Doom, I thought the new hemo was supposed to add 36 damage, not 11.” Yeah. I forgot to train up my ranks before heading out.



17 Responses to Mystery Me?!

  1. Sonvar says:

    Yeah I think others are imitating me too. When wow armory came up I was the only sonvar. Actually there were two sonvars who showed up but it was also me just a different server. Anyways, take it as flattery as you must have a big fan of your blog.

  2. Thuenderman says:

    Lol, both myself and our other priest forgot to go train fear ward (we are both BEs) after the patch too /facepalm, so you’re no alone 😉

  3. Feist-Mok says:

    Why no weapon expertise?

    It’s basically 20 hit rating/talent point, so it’s an absolute no brainer talent to take.

    That said, Fist Spec isn’t THAT good if you aren’t going full combat – either go 21 points deep, pick up Deadliness for 8% attack power – which is HOT – and don’t worry about what kind of offhand you have, just it’s speed, or get swords and go 27/23

    4/5% chance to proc a mainhand attack > 8/10% AP > 4/5% crit.

    Prep is basically what changes the amounts there.

  4. doomilias says:

    weapon expertise has nothing to do with hit rating anymore. instead, per point it gives .25% reduced chance for your attacks to be dodged/parried. 2/2 would give 2.5%. however, if you stand behind your mob, parries are a non-issue anyway.

    also, i know fist spec isnt very good, but i dont have much to work with in the realm of weapons. but thats why i started an arena team, to get the s2 stuff and try different specs. i do intend to try deadliness, sword spec, and mace spec.

    thanks for the input though!

  5. Feist-Mok says:

    2.5% of each, for a total of 5%.

    I.e. when the mob can parry you, it’s TWICE as good as hit.

    When the mob can’t parry you it’s AS GOOD as hit.

    Just because it knocks avoidance off the table rather than base miss doesn’t make it any less like hit rating – it still increases the number of times your attacks do damage instead of not doing damage – in fact, expertise rating is point for point slightly better than hit! 16 rating = 1% more hitting your target, and possibly as much as 2% when they spin to target something or whatever. Better still, expertise affects your specials whereas hit rating stops affecting special attacks at a fairly low number.

    And arena isn’t the best way to try a pvp spec. As you’ve noticed, a rogues role in there is VERY different from PvE – damage is not our primary responsibility beyond the initial burst typically.

  6. Cedric says:

    You definitely need Adrenaline Rush in the Arena, and it will only cost you one point with your current build.

    FYI, I wrote a tutorial for Arena Rogues here:

  7. Feist-Mok says:

    Actually, AR is 5 points away from Dooms build.

    Getting AR would gimp it for PvE with the loss of Relentless Strikes, Ruthlessness, Murder, or the loss of all the stuff in subtlety that brings him into sub to begin with – Serrrated Blades, Dirty Deeds, Hemo, and Prep.

  8. doomilias says:

    looking at my recount data from our ZA run tonight, i took your suggestions into consideration.

    in short, i believe you may have a very valid point in dropping prep and 1 pt in fist spec to pick up 2/2 wep expertise. ill get into a bit more detail tomorrow.

  9. Marigan says:

    and you told us not to say anything about your noobishness of forgetting to train. w/e DOOMY, you suck.

  10. Cedric says:

    Feist: it’s not really possible to find a build that works well for both PvE (endgame) and PvP. I tried.

    Unless you maximize for both (and respec regularly), you’ll just end up sucking at both.

  11. Feist-Mok says:

    Tru dat Cedric.

    The only exception is 1x/4x Combat Sword/Mace/Fist.

  12. Jabari says:


    “mace spec change (5/5 = 5% increased damage with maces and 6% chance to stun for 3 seconds)”

    It’s 5% increased CRIT damage only, not all damage (which would be super-overpowered)

    Which playstyle do you like more – the Hemo one or your old Mutilate build?

  13. doomilias says:

    indeed, that was a major typo. fixed!

    playstyle? right now? mutilate, for sure. the big shiny crits are awesome, and the combo generation is great fun.

    but that could change. i am really enjoying the utility of this hemo build. i am still getting used to timing my rotations, considering im dealing with less combo points and energy.

  14. Valyre says:

    For ZA, there seems to be two requirements: 2 tanks and 3 healers. We found out last night that anything less won’t get you very far.

    About the name thing… It sucks and I’ve been there. We (Horde, sorry) disbanded our guild a while back, and within a week, the Alliance had made one using the same name. And a character in the guild had my rl first name, with the same weird spelling. It was all kinds of akward.

  15. Feist-Mok says:

    Some slightly more intense requirements than that actually from what I’ve seen:

    2 tanks, 3 heals – 1 with HoT’s – 1-2 AoE, 2-3 CC at least one ranged root, and at least one stunlock.

  16. Feist-Mok says:

    Also, Hex Lord Malacrass’s stealing of party members abilities will completely alter your group cmop – we did it w/ 2 warriors and 2 paladins the first time and it made it the most melee hostile fight ever.
    Whirlwind! Consecrate! Whirlwind!

    The second time we had a druid tank, one pally healer, No warriors, and the occasional consecrates was just Not As Big A Deal.

  17. doomilias says:

    our current exploratory ZA group is made up mostly of raid officers, myself included:

    Prot Warrior – 2
    Holy Priest
    Holy Pally
    Tree Druid
    BM Hunter
    Frost Mage
    Elemental Shammy

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