…Just Another 2.3 Post

November 14, 2007

I have to keep this somewhat short today, as I have a number of things I need to get off my desk by the end of the day. I do want to run down my first impressions of patch 2.3, from a Rogue’s perspective. So, I’m going to be cheap and just do a list. Heh.


  • The cooking daily is, so far, my favorite addition. Choosing the meat crate reward yielded the pictured recipe, which is wonderful for duel-wielding melee dps. How much is 20 hit rating worth? About 1.27% reduction in chance to miss. Finally, a self-buff to hit. If you are a rogue and don’t currently have at least 365 cooking…well, shame on you.
  • Heroic/Normal dailies. 2 bonus badges for an heroic ramparts? You’re kidding, right? We banged it out in about an hour, and I got Chestguard of the Prowler to boot. I passed at first, thinking that a blue heroic drop couldn’t possibly be an upgrade for me. I can be arrogant, at (most) times. But compared to my Tunic of Assissination (with 3 +4hit/+4agi gems), I stood to gain 7ap, 5 hit, and 50 health while only losing .23% crit. Going from about 24.7% to 24.5% is definately worth the trade.
  • Battleground Daily. Yesterday’s was Arathi Basin, which is hardly ever an Ally win on our or any server I’ve ever been on. First one I joined we held 4 flags for the majority of the time; 10kb’s/3 deaths defending the lumber mill. A note to rogue battleground-ing: don’t waste your time fighting around the flag with all of the plate wearers and aoe-ers. I find it much more effecient and fun to wait for the battle for flag to begin, stealth around to the perimeter, and pick off the ranged (read: petless hunters) dps and healers. My best moment was ganking a blood elf hunter, tab-target-blinding the nearby resto druid who was trying to save my ganked hunter, finishing off the ganked hunter, vanishing, then commencing full stunlock pwntage of the resto druid. Did I mention I enjoy ganking hunters?
  • Zul’Aman. Well. It was a learning experience, I will say that much. If your guild hasn’t yet begun it’s entrance into SSC, you will probably have a tough time in here. The trash is trash. Easy stuff. The first boss? Hits like nightbane/maggy only FASTER. WTB stoneform, because his normal form does a nasty bleed that increases damage from all other bleeds by, um, aLOT. Two tanks are needed, and the taunt has to be timed perfectly between his normal and bear phases. We are going to try again tomorrow (since tonight is maggy), probably subbing in a resto druid in place of one dps as a third healer. Yes, the bear boss hits THAT hard. He can be reset by running to the bottom of the stairs. But ZOMG 20 slot bag as a reward for at least getting to the first boss!


November 12, 2007

Life has been a bit of a swirling wind lately. Closing the door on my apartment in Jersey for the last time this weekend, I caught one of those sudden moments of surreality. As I was walking to the rental office to turn in my keys, it hit me that my girlfriend of the past 7 years (fiance since August of 07) will be my wife in just over 4 months. Consider the fact that our relationship has been long distance for all but one summer, with her spending the last two years in the dietitic graduate program at the University of Florida (remember that I live in the Philly area), and the thought of finally being able to spend more than a weekend together becomes overwhelmingly exciting. I am old school. Or maybe I’m just getting old. It’s that time of year too, my favorite holiday seasons. But I want a family. I love watching my mother and father grow closer and closer as they age into their late 50s. I love that my brothers and I can’t wait to spend Sunday afternoons screaming at the television watching football with our pop. I think of how much fun I have had in life so far, and then I talk to my dad and realize I still have so much to experience and look forward to. In the meantime, the changes in patch 2.3 come TOMORROW (how is THAT for a transition?)!

What am I looking forward to? Other than the challenges that Zul’Aman holds and the intrigue of a retooled subtlety tree, I’ve got my eye on a couple pieces of armor that are obtained through heroic badge turn-ins.

Master Assassin Wraps
Master Assassin WrapsBasically the same idea as my current bracers, Marshal’s Leather Bracers, except with PvE stats rather than PvP stats. With a +8 hit gem, I would stand to gain +5 crit rating (roughly .20%), 34 attack power (about 2.5-ish dps), 8 hit rating (just over .50%), and lose 2 agility (just about .07% crit). My new statline would be 1640 / 25.34% / 232 (14.71%). For 35 badges, I’ll take it!
Nyn’jah’s Tabi Boots (a clever wordplay: Ninja’s Tabi Boots)
Nyn’Jah’s Tabi BootsIn comparison to Edgewalker Longboots, the base gain/loss is +9 hit rating, +16 attack power, -7 stamina. Once I get 45 (I have 50 banked) more badges, I will definately be sporting these. Working out some of the possible socketing combinations, +4crit/+6stam and +4hit/+4agi would be my most likely choices. Assuming those gems, my net gain/loss would be +13 hit (about .86%), +12 attack power, -1 stamina, and -.28% crit (total loss of 4 crit rating (.18%) and 4 agi (.10%)). So again, my adjusted statline would be 1652 / 25.06% / 245 (15.57%).

Talk about a couple of seriously nice upgrades for just a bit of heroic and Kara grinding. And they are gauranteed. Thanks Blizz!