November 12, 2007

Life has been a bit of a swirling wind lately. Closing the door on my apartment in Jersey for the last time this weekend, I caught one of those sudden moments of surreality. As I was walking to the rental office to turn in my keys, it hit me that my girlfriend of the past 7 years (fiance since August of 07) will be my wife in just over 4 months. Consider the fact that our relationship has been long distance for all but one summer, with her spending the last two years in the dietitic graduate program at the University of Florida (remember that I live in the Philly area), and the thought of finally being able to spend more than a weekend together becomes overwhelmingly exciting. I am old school. Or maybe I’m just getting old. It’s that time of year too, my favorite holiday seasons. But I want a family. I love watching my mother and father grow closer and closer as they age into their late 50s. I love that my brothers and I can’t wait to spend Sunday afternoons screaming at the television watching football with our pop. I think of how much fun I have had in life so far, and then I talk to my dad and realize I still have so much to experience and look forward to. In the meantime, the changes in patch 2.3 come TOMORROW (how is THAT for a transition?)!

What am I looking forward to? Other than the challenges that Zul’Aman holds and the intrigue of a retooled subtlety tree, I’ve got my eye on a couple pieces of armor that are obtained through heroic badge turn-ins.

Master Assassin Wraps
Master Assassin WrapsBasically the same idea as my current bracers, Marshal’s Leather Bracers, except with PvE stats rather than PvP stats. With a +8 hit gem, I would stand to gain +5 crit rating (roughly .20%), 34 attack power (about 2.5-ish dps), 8 hit rating (just over .50%), and lose 2 agility (just about .07% crit). My new statline would be 1640 / 25.34% / 232 (14.71%). For 35 badges, I’ll take it!
Nyn’jah’s Tabi Boots (a clever wordplay: Ninja’s Tabi Boots)
Nyn’Jah’s Tabi BootsIn comparison to Edgewalker Longboots, the base gain/loss is +9 hit rating, +16 attack power, -7 stamina. Once I get 45 (I have 50 banked) more badges, I will definately be sporting these. Working out some of the possible socketing combinations, +4crit/+6stam and +4hit/+4agi would be my most likely choices. Assuming those gems, my net gain/loss would be +13 hit (about .86%), +12 attack power, -1 stamina, and -.28% crit (total loss of 4 crit rating (.18%) and 4 agi (.10%)). So again, my adjusted statline would be 1652 / 25.06% / 245 (15.57%).

Talk about a couple of seriously nice upgrades for just a bit of heroic and Kara grinding. And they are gauranteed. Thanks Blizz!


Another Quickie

November 7, 2007

So busy again today, apparently we are hitting crunch time where all of the various brands we work for *find* extra money and decide to spend it all before year end so as to retain reason (no matter how ridiculous and false) for their inflated budgets to carry into quarter 1 of the following year.


To: The 37 females I’ve seen so far today, in various wings of my office building, wearing skirts and knee-high black boots
Notice: Thank you
From: Doomilias S. Rogue

Second, watch this video. It may not be all that amazing to someone who doesn’t play the drums. But I do. And it makes me want to throw away my sticks and sell my kit. The video is unimpressive at first, but hang around until the end when the guy maintains a flawless beat while juggling three drumsticks…


November 7, 2007

I have a really long post written about three possible builds for raiding with the new hemo, but it isn’t finished yet!! AH! Such a busy day today at work, I couldn’t actually procrastinate to write the post.

Then someone wanted her CE heroic key…

And as for the new layout…eh, I was messing with it at work and haven’t had a chance to finish. Either way, I’m moving to wordpress very soon…

The New Hemo vs. Sinister Strike

November 5, 2007

Finally! I’ve been asking for this. Wishing for it, even. Yes, you are reading that right. With the upcoming patch, hemo will deal 125% weapon damage, along with the up-to-36 physical damage increase.

See ya later sinister strike!!

But seriously, this is a very nice buff. I’ve argued before that hemo is a bit better than sinister strike, from an energy to damage, 1:1, ratio. This definately gives the sub tree a kick in the pants for raiding purposes. Lets take a look…

Using Spiteblade as an example, with 1800 attack power:

Weapon speed: 2.7
Minimum damage: 165
Maximum damage: 308
Minimum Range = [((165 / 2.7) + (1800 / 14)) * 2.7] = 510
Maximum Range = [((308 / 2.7) + (1800 / 14)) * 2.7] = 653

So, I’ve established an attack power modified weapon damage of 510 to 653.

Sinister strike rank 10 adds 98 damage to each attack. Simple:
(510 + 98) to (653 + 98) = 608 to 751

The new hemorrhage does 125% weapon damage, plus the physical damage buff of up to* +36 after the first strike:

(510*1.25) to (653*1.25)+36 = 637 to 852

At first glance it looks like hemo would out damage sinister strike per hit, right? Well, not necessarily. There are a few talents that are going to further modify the damage of each ability. Between aggression and surprise attacks (2%/4%/6% and 10%), sinister strike receives a 16% damage boost:

((510 + 98)*1.16) + ((653+98)*1.16) = 705 to 871

Now, to look at two significant damage modifiers to hemo. The first is serrated blades, with which 3/3 points causes your attacks to ignore 560 armor (8 armor per level at level 70).

Ugh…this is going to get complicated. First, most raid bosses have between 6200 and 7700 armor**. Physical damage mitigation from these armor values comes to about 37% and 42%, respectively. Since I am giving this will all to be happening in a raid, well, here we go…assuming that the raid boss will also have sunder armor x5 (-2600 armor), faerie fire (-610 armor) and curse of recklessness (-800), we can expect the sum of armor debuffs to equal a decrease of about 29% and 26% damage mitigation. So, our raid boss now only has 8% or 16% damage mitigation.

Adjusted, our sinister strike becomes
(705/1.08) to (871/1.08) = 652 to 806
(705/1.16) to (871/1.16) = 608 to 751

Armor penetration is still a bit hazy for me, but I managed to find some interesting information. According to this thread, 500 armor penetration in concurrence with the above armor debuffs equates to about 4% and 3.6% decrease in damage mitigation. 560 would then very roughly translate to about 4.5% and 4%. Adjusting once again, our raid boss now has either 3.5% or 12% reduction.

(637/1.035) to (852/1.035) = 615 to 823
(637/1.12) to (852/1.12) = 568 to 760

Interesting. Sinister strike has a higher minimum damage, but hemo has a higher maximum damage. So it could be argued that the difference between the two, over the course of a boss fight, would be non-substantial***. That is, until you consider the 20% damage bonus when a target is below 35% health from 2/2 dirty deeds. Up until this point in a fight, both sinister strike and hemo will theoretically provide similar amounts of dps. But then…

(510*(1.25 + .20)) to (653*(1.25 + .20))+36 = 739 to 982


(739/1.035) to (982/1.035) = 714 to 948
(739/1.12) to (982/1.12) = 659 to 879

Compared to sinister strike in the same circumstance…
Raid boss with a base of 6200 armor and full armor debuffs = 652 to 806
Raid boss with a base of 7700 armor and full armor debuffs = 608 to 751

So whats to conclude from all this horrible math? Other than I probably have no business trying backup a theory in such ways? Basically, that with the new changes in patch 2.3, hemorrhage and sinister strike are going to be fairly comprably, with hemo coming out on top in longer fights. However, the talents built around each attack really make the difference between which one is more viable for significant raid dps.

More on that tomorrow…

*For this calculation, I assume the minimum damange to be a strike that gets no benefit from the hemorrhage debuff, and the maximum damage to be a strike that gets the highest possible benefit.
**Ok fine…when I did my research on this, all signs led back to I feel…dirty….
***I considered trying to factor in the energy regeneration for a combat build from combat potency versus the reduced energy cost of hemo, but there are too many other factors at play there; i.e., added energy cost from finishing moves.

Well, as Anon so anonymously posted…my math is wrong. Mostly because I didn’t account for hemorrhage being normalized. What does that even mean? Basically, I would have to redo all of math with a normalized swing speed, which I believe for 1 handers is 2.6. I fully intend on doing so, but not this week. I’m moving out of my apartment tomorrow and just have too much to do at work in the meantime. However, I would like to thank anon for bringing this to my attention.

Without getting into all the numbers, he is right. Before 500 weapon damage sinister strike is better, but after 500 weapon damage hemo becomes better. Then there is the adjusted energy cost value of sinister strike when considering the combat build (combat potency). The reason I left out DPE in this post was because I wanted to save the discussion of how a combat swords build would compare to a hybrid combat hemo build for it’s own post. I have it written…just need to do some adjustments to my math now. Or you could just go the EJ forums and read all about it there.

Should I just give up on trying to be a mathhead?! Poser…

I’m not the only one?

November 5, 2007

courtesy of
Thoughts are strange. Indeed. This isn’t the first time I’ve posted about the occurance of seemingly unmentionable passings of the mind.

I hadn’t even remembered that I do this until TJ sent me the link this morning.

It happens when I’m driving and someone does something to make my inner road rage seethe from the tips of my hair…So if this guy slams on his breaks and gets out, I’m breaking his knees with a swift mule kick of my driver side door

When I’m dining in a fine restaurant, I’ll scan the room for any object that, when launched from my siege weapon-like catapult of a right arm, could cause heavy cranial damage. Should…you know…terrorists break in heaving hand grenades and spraying the room with armor piercing rounds.

The point is, always have a plan. Always. You never know when those strangers around you will reveal that they are really pirates with lasers and everything. Ninjas rule.

On (Procrastination) Moving

November 4, 2007

I suck at it. Period.

Two weekends in a row now I’ve gone to bed on a Friday night with the intention of waking up early to drive the hour from my parents house to my apartment in New Jersey to pack as much as I possibly can in the entirety of a Saturday afternoon.

Two weekends in a row now that I’ve woken up around noon on a Saturday, lazy’d around for a bit (read: more than a bit), eventually made my way east, and wasted the entirety of a Saturday afternoon doing everything but packing (note: last Saturday wasn’t a waste of time, by any means. But for the sake of the story, it was a waste of time, ok? Good.)

I have to be out by the 11th of November. I am going to miss living by myself, but I won’t miss the diet I came to rationalize as healthy during that time. A 27 year old person should not be eating as if he was a 17 year old college student who traded 1 month of his dining commons points for adult beverages and a 2 month supply of ramen noodles (chicken, not beef) and brand X mac n cheese.

Nothing beats mama’s home cooking. Especially when mama is a middle aged Italian woman. And when Tuesday night is pasta night…

Uh, yeah. Moving. I suck at it. Period. ! point.

Taking the day off from work on Thursday because my brother has off, and my parents can come help. That means I can do what I do best.

Pretend I’m working hard by achieving a pronounced scowl and letting everyone else do it all for me.

I am. A. Procrastinator.

Proof? Look at the time of this post…

…juuuuuuust in time for this NaBlaPoBlowMe thinger.


November 2, 2007

Dammit, TJ. This must be some kind of evil ruse. To…to…to get me to post more?

Ok, fine. 1 post per day for the month of November. I ken haz manijments fer tat, rite? But the pressure! But I’ll do it. But but.


Here. This is a picture of me wearing a Konoha forehead protector. The first person who quotes Naruto as saying “Believe it!” instead of “dattebayo!” is gonna get teh banhammer. I reserve all rights to be elitist here…anime does not belong on American television. The voice actors are generally terrible. Translations are hideous. Most anime is NOT intended for a young audience. Also, if you watch a particular anime series, you should also be reading the coinciding manga. Otherwise you’re just a poser. Also, I will stop using also twice in the same sentence.

I will also try harder, to use proper punctuation; and be more better with my grammar’

Lastly, I HATE that uses div tags instead of br tags for line breaks.


(Ego claims she doesnt own a forehead protector, but I know she is lying. This saddens me. There is no shame in being a shinobi. NO SHAME!)